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Croton Watershed Litigation Documents

This page contains links to various various memoranda and affidavits we have filed, the  court docket and press reports and comment on the the litigation. You may download them if you wish.

Opening Rounds
Our principal brief in EPA action. Affidavit of Dr. Paul Mankiewicz, Director of the Gaia Institute. Expert analysis of the Croton Watershed and why watershed protection and filtration avoidance are the best policy for insuring the continuing drinking water quality.  Affidavit of Karen Argenti.
History of the duplicitous efforts of governmental authorities to force filtration of the Croton water supply in order to foster development in the Croton Watershed.

Court Docket (E.D.N.Y.)

Supplemental memorandum 

Motion for reconsideration.
Briefs on Appeal
The argument of our appeal of the decision denying CWCWC intervention was argued July 14th. We are awaiting a decision. On this page are links to read and download our brief and reply brief.
The CWCWC's plenary complaint
After denial of the intervention motion, the CWCWC has filed its own complaint in federal court.

There are seven causes of action including a claim for the appointment of a receiver of the City's interest in the watershed.

Comments filed with the City Planning Commissionon siting the plant in Van Cortlandt Park.
 After all the affected Community Boards and the Bronx Borough Board rejected siting the the filtration plane in Van Cortlandt Park, a split City Planning Commission nonetheless approved the park site. The dissenting opinion citied our comments.
Testimony before the City Council.
The next step in the review of the site selection process is the City Council. In the City Council, the principal issue appears to be whether the consent decree mandates approval of the Van Cortlandt Park site. 
Selected Press Reports
Gannet-Surburban Papers - Saturday, September 20, 1997 The Riverdale Press - Thursday, August 28, 1997 The Riverdale Press - Thursday, January 28. 1999

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