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Published Articles

Scholarly Publication

Are Ocean Polluters Subject to International Jurisdiction: Canada Breaks the Idea.
International Lawyer, October, 1972
The enactment of far-reaching legislation to protect arctic waters by Canada raised the issue of whether those who wreak environmental devastation are subject to international prosecution just pirates and war criminals are.

Commentary on International and Legal Issues

Does W's Rice have too many beans?
National Law Journal, January 8, 2001
Bush's National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Ride disdains multi-literalism and plans a big-power game of solitaire. Good-bye Internet, hello Cold War II.

The Amistad is no period piece.
National Law Journal, March 9, 1998
The core issue of the Amistad dispute, human rights v. property rights, did not end with the 13th Amendment, but persists to this day. It is as contemporary as the inexorable rush to a global, corporate world order.

Scorched-Earth Policy is Intolerable.
National Law Journal, November 17, 1997
The fires eating away the rainforests in Southeast Asia and the Amazon raise questions of corporate responsibility that the international community refuse to address.

Abortion Decision Undercuts Rule of Law.
National Law Journal, February 24, 1997
A comment on controversial acquittal of abortion clinic protesters.

Debates Need Minor Players
National Law Journal, October 21, 1996
Did the exclusion of minor party candidates from the Presidential debates violate the right of the public to a free and fair election?

Courtroom Jousts Now Done by committee.
National Law Journal, October 23, 1995
A comment on the trial by committee aspect of the O. J. Simpson case.

King of Judicial Patronage ... & Friends.
Eastside Express, April 28, 1977
New York State Press Association: Honorable Mention for In-depth Reporting. Resultant investigation led to censure of four judges

The Environment

Money to Burn: The incineration industry's big dollars pollute more than the environment.
City Sierran, Autumn 1992
"If its bondable, it's buildable. Whether it's workable is another question."

Valedictory. Kennedy, the Environment and the Media
City Sierran, Winter 1993
Media support of environmentally devastating mass burn incinerators echoes the media's attitude towards the Kennedy Assassination.

My Dinner with Andy: The human cost of polluted air.
City Sierran, Winter 1992
Thousands die each year from dirty air. We pretend to not notice, but each of those deaths is a discrete human tragedy.

Politics and Contemporary History

Why the Media Want the Inquiries to end.
Newsday, Sunday, November 21, 1993
The media's marginalization of those who questioned the "official story" of the Kennedy assassination poses important question about the viability of dissent in contemporary America.

Roy Cohn: Still Pulling Strings.
Newsday, April 15, 1988
The power of the legendary "legal executioner" to destroy his adversaries - real and imagined - reaches beyond the grave.

Hollywoodstein: Cover-up that Worked.
East Side Express, May 13, 1976
Disturbing questions about the Watergate sandal casts a shadow on the Woodward-Bernstein investigation.

Why Rudy is Ungrateful.
Newsday, January 27, 1988
In 1988, the pressure was on Rudy Giuliani to run for N.Y. State governor against then popular incumbent Mario Cuomo. The reasons why Giuliani passed-up his golden opportunity.

Just for Fun

Sheathing the Sword: The Democratic Old Guard Copes with Carter.
East Side Express, July 22, 1976
The history of the Democratic Party as viewed through the eyes of a very special mover and shaker.



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