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A RICO remedy for Consumer scams
"Counsel has aggressively and diligently prosecuted this case..."
Zito et al v. Leasecomm et al
Order, 5/30/06
Libel and Slander: Protecting your life's work
 A second round victory for libeled employee.
NEW Wilted Flowers: The  strange case
of Roy Cohn's worst enemy.

Self-defense on the Internet:    Is there  a remedy for flaming, cyber-stalking
          and cyber-theft?
Remembering Danny Boy. Saving Private Ryan fans only.
  Master criminal John Peter Galanis:   Exchanges the view from his cell for a view from the terrace.
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When competence is not enough.

There are many attorneys qualified to deal competently with routine legal problems and litigation. But there are circumstances that demand an advocate with dedication and determination that are beyond mere competence.

I am an advocate. My clients have included Presidential candidates as diverse as Pat Buchanan, Ted Kennedy and Fred Harris. I have represented judges, attorneys, private citizens, businesses as small as a newsstand and as large as a Fortune 500 corporation , defendants in both state and federal criminal prosecutions , and media and literary personalities. I have even been called as an expert witness on money-laundering by the IRS. I am by nature contentious. A broadcast personality once described me as: "A rare combination of gall and brains." A judge once introduced me to a friend as " one of the ten best lawyers in Manhattan "

On this Web Site, you can explore my law practice in a variety of contexts. There are published decisions, briefs, press reports, articles I have written and up-to-date reports on my current cases . You can explore whether I have the resources available to effectively represent you in this information era.

There are also items relating to my public service and the environment including my representation of the Sierra Club at the United Nations. There is even a little music and some information about my family .

Know your Rights and Responsibilities

The relationship between a lawyer and a client is a very special one involving mutual trust and responsibilities. An attorney has important ethical responsibilities to his client, but also to the law and judicial system. In New York State, an attorney must take steps to inform a client of both the client's rights and responsibilities. You will see just what they are on this site's Rights and Responsibilities page .

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